Best ways to share big files

Ever had to share an enormous file to someone close like a friend or family. The file enormity can put up a problem. It can’t be mailed because Gmail only allows 25mb max to be sent, not to mention the data you will burn. Furthermore, uploading and downloading on the may take… a very, very long time to complete file share from one user to another.

There are several ways of sending enormous files without stress, fewer worries and more than before reliable. Paid and free, they include;

• Use of a VPN (Virtual Private Network): handful of ISP (internet service providers) do not use broadband traffic management to moderate upload bandwidth, which implies that they may not be able to determine a user’s upload, and still, implies that they cannot apply traffic shaping to the user’s account.

• File compression: this solution is extremely easy, use a file compressing program like WinRAR and make many files packed in a single file. Single files upload quicker than multiple files. This accelerates, upload and download of large files.

• Hard drive: this solution is the fastest way of sharing files, via cloud providers. Sharing enormous files using hard disk drives.

• Google drive: If your file passes Gmail’s files limit, then use Google drive. It gives a user 15gb of online storage to use and share either with anyone or a specific person by enabling a shared link. And also, this allows files categorizing.

• FTP (file transfer protocol): An archaic version of the new cloud services like Google drive. Moreover, it is still a reliable way of sharing uploads and downloads. The only cons are that this solution requires an access to a remote server.

• Media Fire: this is like the cloud services, register a free account and get 10gb storage. You can upload files and share them via links. This allows numerous upload and download of files across users.

• Hightail: this is formally known as YouSendIt, it allows the creation of special spaces for various files and projects. These spaces could be shared across via shared links. There is a lite version that limits sharing to 100mb of size.

• WeTransfer: this is a very simple sharing platform. Just a few interactions and you will have a website send files like a messenger. It has the feature of locking downloads, and also customize backgrounds, making it much cooler to use.

• Resilio Sync: previously known as BitTorrent. It is designed precisely for sharing large files and destined to use the BitTorrent protocol. This software is ultimately available for free.

• Adobe send & Track: this enables users around the world to use adobe website to share large files and projects with multiple recipients irrespective of target device without limit, thou there is a limitation on what files can be sent.

• Send anywhere: available for all platform. A solution that’s completely free and allows sharing of up to 10gb. And furthermore, the widget lets you send files up to 4gb, instantly.

• Dropbox: a free tier that allocates 2gb of storage space, thou more can be earned. This platform allows download and upload of large files and just like the other cloud systems, enables sharing by download links.

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