Best free video sharing sites

Upload of videos on social media and website is becoming common nowadays. Most people make video and upload or share it online to get others to review and likes on their video. Professionals share their videos to educate, for work and to spread awareness.

If we look for the top video sharing site YouTube is on top and it is the most popular video sharing site also. But due to its privacy and copyright policy dubbed and recreated videos can’t be uploaded which somewhere snatches a chance of sharing their talent. But if we look around there is not only one site to share video.

Here is a list of top seven free video sharing sites which gives a chance to share your talent.

1. Vimeo can is called second topmost website to share videos after YouTube. It is a fast-growing platform for video uploaders as anyone can upload a video on it. This website is mainly famous among professional. As it has a professional look video which makes it unique. It has a different kind of service one is free and remaining are paid according to need.

2. DAILY MOTIONis a French website which allows free upload and sharing of video. It has the different feature of searching by tag, channel name or by user created an id. It is good for all kind of videos from serious issues to comedy one. But has some limitations too for users as a free user have limited benefits.

3. TWITCHthis website is good for gamers as video related to gaming can be uploaded here. Broadcast of games, gaming talk, gaming issues, and the live game can be shared. Its free version comes with advertisement and the paid version is also available.

4. LIVELEAK is a free video sharing website. It allows upload of mainly political, world issues and war videos. Other videos can also be uploaded but if they are by the copyright holder. It is a UK based website. Video sharing on this website is free.

5. VEOH is an internet television service too. The user has to just sign in and then they can upload any video and of any length. Sharing is free of cost on this website. It is best for upload of videos of any format as it supports many formats. So this site can choose to upload video free of the coat and of and of any length. On this website, video can be uploaded once only.

6. BREAKis famous for short videos and clips mainly comedy one. It is a good platform for sharing comedy videos and funny clippings. It accepts videos of various format main are MPG. MOV and many more. It gives the option of sharing video from a website, mobile phone and by sending video through email to Break. It has free and paid service both as paid service have some more feature included in it.

7. METACAFE is good for sharing short videos and clippings. It has the unique feature of category as video can be uploaded according to its category.

The main category is gaming, music, sports, movie, etc. Best feature if this website is that it pays for upload of the video just like YouTube do. After hitting the certain limit of views this website pays for uploaded video.

All these websites are a good option for free sharing of videos as they have a good number of viewers and are popular among people not like YouTube but still, they have the serious traffic of users on site.

There are much more free video sharing sites such as VINE, STUPID VIDEOS, FLICKR, FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM, and a lot more but these sites are either have personalized feature or are not very popular which can let your video without any serious viewers. So these top 7 free video sharing sites are good enough to upload and share your video with the world and to show your talent.

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