Ever had to share an enormous file to someone close like a friend or family. The file enormity can put up a problem. It can’t be mailed because Gmail only allows 25mb max to be sent, not to mention the data you will burn. Furthermore, uploading and downloading on the may take… a very, very long time to complete file share from one user to another.Continue reading

Upload of videos on social media and website is becoming common nowadays. Most people make video and upload or share it online to get others to review and likes on their video. Professionals share their videos to educate, for work and to spread awareness.

If we look for the top video sharing site YouTube is on top and it is the most popular video sharing site also. But due to its privacy and copyright policy dubbed and recreated videos can’t be uploaded which somewhere snatches a chance of sharing their talent. But if we look around there is not only one site to share video.

Here is a list of top seven free video sharing sites which gives a chance to share your talent.Continue reading