Best Platforms To Upload, Share & Promote Music

Since the time “Apple” came up with iTunes, the music industry has had a huge revolution. This has been a turning point for the music industry which was in the downslide following bouts of piracy, mounting expenses, and other various reasons.

Following the above, a number of applications cropped up, trying to garner a share of the music industry. Among all of them, there are ten digital platforms which have hit the headlines with all the right “notes”. Let us illustrate with them one at a time.

The First 10 Platforms

Notably, the best among the lot is “Sound Cloud”. This has climbed the ladder since its launch in the year 2007 because of its sociability, shareability feature. It has some awesome features like favorite playlist and the reposting of music. This has led wannabe singers to post their songs for the masses.

The second in line is definitely the Audiomack. This is basically targeting independent artists and prompting them to post their music and share with the world. One interesting feature is that the artist can see their rankings based on the number of times their songs have been heard. This report is generated based on an innovative way of ranking.

The third platform is iTunes. This has been the basis of all platforms that have come up today. iTunes has a huge library for those who buy “Apple” products. This is an exclusive zone for many.

Fourth in the queue is Spotify. The rise of this platform is credited with its library. It contains a major collection of major artists. This is supposed to be the leader in the streaming business. However, independent artists do not have much say on this platform.

The fifth position is taken by YouTube. This is a boon for upcoming artists. They can make music on a professional level and upload this here. Visually, this is very pleasing to the viewers. In fact, that is the reason, why there are more professionally trained artists vying to upload their albums.

Taking the sixth position is the Bandcamp. This platform definitely streams music, however, it also offers financial support to the artist. This is pretty unique as it promotes niche artists and fans to upload and listen to music respectively.

The seventh position is taken by Vimeo. When there is a variety of the video, then Vimeo is the place to upload them. Apart from the song, artists upload a variety of videos to garner a fanbase.

Tidal is at the eight positions. This is relatively new in the field of streaming video and audio. We need to have a wait and watch policy for this platform.
The ninth and tenth position is taken by Google Play and Personal Website respectively. Google, one of the world’s largest companies can help support independent artists to raise funds with their fan base. However, for an upcoming artist, it’s best that he also chooses Personal Website, as this makes it presence felt trying to make the videos centralized.

For independent artists, Sound cloud and Audimack are definitely preferable. However, the other platforms are on the rise with their ever-changing dynamics. This is a space which has to be monitored on a regular basis.

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