Best Download Platforms

Best Platforms To Upload & Share Music

Since the time “Apple” came up with iTunes, the music industry has had a huge revolution. This has been a turning point for the music industry which was in the downslide following bouts of piracy, mounting expenses, and other various reasons.

Following the above, a number of applications cropped up, trying to garner a share of the music industry. Among all of them, there are ten digital platforms which have hit the headlines with all the right “notes”. Let us illustrate with them one at a time.

The First 10 Platforms

Notably, the best among the lot is “Sound Cloud”. This has climbed the ladder since its launch in the year 2007 because of its sociability, shareability feature. It has some awesome features like favorite playlist and the reposting of music. This has led wannabe singers to post their songs for the masses.

The second in line is definitely the Audiomack. This is basically targeting independent artists and prompting them to post their music and share with the world. One interesting feature is that the artist can see their rankings based on the number of times their songs have been heard. This report is generated based on an innovative way of ranking.

The third platform is iTunes. This has been the basis of all platforms that have come up today. iTunes has a huge library for those who buy “Apple” products. This is an exclusive zone for many.

Fourth in the queue is Spotify. The rise of this platform is credited with its library. It contains a major collection of major artists. This is supposed to be the leader in the streaming business. However, independent artists do not have much say on this platform.

The fifth position is taken by YouTube. This is a boon for upcoming artists. They can make music on a professional level and upload this here. Visually, this is very pleasing to the viewers. In fact, that is the reason, why there are more professionally trained artists vying to upload their albums.

Taking the sixth position is the Bandcamp. This platform definitely streams music, however, it also offers financial support to the artist. This is pretty unique as it promotes niche artists and fans to upload and listen to music respectively.

The seventh position is taken by Vimeo. When there is a variety of the video, then Vimeo is the place to upload them. Apart from the song, artists upload a variety of videos to garner a fanbase.

Tidal is at the eight positions. This is relatively new in the field of streaming video and audio. We need to have a wait and watch policy for this platform.

The ninth and tenth position is taken by Google Play and Personal Website respectively. Google, one of the world’s largest companies can help support independent artists to raise funds with their fan base. However, for an upcoming artist, it’s best that he also chooses Personal Website, as this makes it presence felt trying to make the videos centralized.

For independent artists, Sound cloud and Audimack are definitely preferable. However, the other platforms are on the rise with their ever-changing dynamics. This is a space which has to be monitored on a regular basis.

Best ways to share big files

Ever had to share an enormous file to someone close like a friend or family. The file enormity can put up a problem. It can’t be mailed because Gmail only allows 25mb max to be sent, not to mention the data you will burn. Furthermore, uploading and downloading on the may take… a very, very long time to complete file share from one user to another.

There are several ways of sending enormous files without stress, fewer worries and more than before reliable. Paid and free, they include;

• Use of a VPN (Virtual Private Network): handful of ISP (internet service providers) do not use broadband traffic management to moderate upload bandwidth, which implies that they may not be able to determine a user’s upload, and still, implies that they cannot apply traffic shaping to the user’s account.

• File compression: this solution is extremely easy, use a file compressing program like WinRAR and make many files packed in a single file. Single files upload quicker than multiple files. This accelerates, upload and download of large files.

• Hard drive: this solution is the fastest way of sharing files, via cloud providers. Sharing enormous files using hard disk drives.

• Google drive: If your file passes Gmail’s files limit, then use Google drive. It gives a user 15gb of online storage to use and share either with anyone or a specific person by enabling a shared link. And also, this allows files categorizing.

• FTP (file transfer protocol): An archaic version of the new cloud services like Google drive. Moreover, it is still a reliable way of sharing uploads and downloads. The only cons are that this solution requires an access to a remote server.

• Media Fire: this is like the cloud services, register a free account and get 10gb storage. You can upload files and share them via links. This allows numerous upload and download of files across users.

• Hightail: this is formally known as YouSendIt, it allows the creation of special spaces for various files and projects. These spaces could be shared across via shared links. There is a lite version that limits sharing to 100mb of size.

• WeTransfer: this is a very simple sharing platform. Just a few interactions and you will have a website send files like a messenger. It has the feature of locking downloads, and also customize backgrounds, making it much cooler to use.

• Resilio Sync: previously known as BitTorrent. It is designed precisely for sharing large files and destined to use the BitTorrent protocol. This software is ultimately available for free.

• Adobe send & Track: this enables users around the world to use adobe website to share large files and projects with multiple recipients irrespective of target device without limit, thou there is a limitation on what files can be sent.

• Send anywhere: available for all platform. A solution that’s completely free and allows sharing of up to 10gb. And furthermore, the widget lets you send files up to 4gb, instantly.

• Dropbox: a free tier that allocates 2gb of storage space, thou more can be earned. This platform allows download and upload of large files and just like the other cloud systems, enables sharing by download links.

The Best Image Hosting & Sharing Websites

If you are hunting down some tremendous and eminent picture facilitating and sharing sites then here we are posting a portion of those sites. Alongside the name, you will become more acquainted with a part of their featured highlights which are making them the best 13.


Imgur is exceptionally well known among picture uploader. As a free uploader, you can appreciate the benefit of transferring and offer pictures on their site. Besides, as a paid part you will likewise get some additional favourable position.


Flickr is likewise similarly essential and helpful picture facilitating site for the individuals who need to impart their pictures and recordings to the world. The individuals who are having Yahoo account, they can go without much of a stretch login to this site. Flickr is having three sorts of record. One is free, the second one is without the ad, and the third one is the Double.


DeviantArt holds the third position in the rundown of picture facilitating destinations. Clients can transfer great photos yet each ought not to surpass more than 30 MB. Furthermore, this is for a wide range of record holders.


PhotoBucket is setting the fourth position. In this site, free record holders can utilize something like 10GB of transfer speed for every month with a 2GB capacity limit. They additionally have a genius account office. The individuals who need to wind up paid individuals they can turn out to be the master account holder. If it’s not too much trouble visit their site for getting a more significant amount of their nitty-gritty data.


In the 6th position, PixaBay is there. In this website, you can share top-notch open space photographs and can likewise unreservedly peruse and downloads pictures and recordings. You can also turn into their enrolled individuals to profit greater office from them. If it’s not too much trouble visit their site for getting a more significant amount of their point by point data


In the eight positions, TinyPic is putting stable positions. This is exceptionally dependable, quick, and simple picture facilitating site. You will have no compelling reason to open a record or login for transferring any pictures or recordings for sharing. So it is simple and advantageous for utilizing.


Presented in the year 2001, offers a solid stage for individuals who can trade their pictures with the end goal of work or inspiration. Today, the website includes more than 400,000 photos on the web and around 2,500,000 clients officially enlisted on it.


Pexels works with a solitary goal – to encourage creators, bloggers and any other person searching for pictures. The site offers a great many photographs that can be downloaded for nothing. Till today, a vast number of individuals have exploited this open-source stage to download pictures assortment of specialities.


This site is exceptionally famous in South America, and it is principally a photograph blogging webpage. In their free record, you will get up to one picture transferring office for every day. This loose record adaptation is promotion upheld. What’s more, if you be paid individuals you will get alternatives for transferring six pictures every day. It will be ideal if you visit their site for getting a more significant amount of their point by point data.


PxHere is likewise one of the famous pictures sharing sites, primarily because of the flexibility of utilization of images. A client downloading photos from this site can uninhibitedly utilize them industrially or by and by. This is one of the exceptionally rare highlights that not very many places offer. Every one of the pictures is discharged free of copyrights. You are allowed to utilize images for individual and also business use without requesting the maker’s consent or appointing a credit. To download the pictures, you are required to make a record on PxHere. The record creation is likewise free. When you are signed in, you approach a vast number of brilliant pictures contributed by specialists and additionally proficient photographic artists.


This is where photograph sharing administration and correspondence entry is free. As a free client, you will get 50 MB email space and photograph stockpiling is up to 3000 MB. Also, on the off chance that you take the enrollment you will get an excellent capacity limit of $30.

Best free video sharing sites

Upload of videos on social media and website is becoming common nowadays. Most people make video and upload or share it online to get others to review and likes on their video. Professionals share their videos to educate, for work and to spread awareness.

If we look for the top video sharing site YouTube is on top and it is the most popular video sharing site also. But due to its privacy and copyright policy dubbed and recreated videos can’t be uploaded which somewhere snatches a chance of sharing their talent. But if we look around there is not only one site to share video.

Here is a list of top seven free video sharing sites which gives a chance to share your talent.

1. Vimeo can is called second topmost website to share videos after YouTube. It is a fast-growing platform for video uploaders as anyone can upload a video on it. This website is mainly famous among professional. As it has a professional look video which makes it unique. It has a different kind of service one is free and remaining are paid according to need.

2. DAILY MOTIONis a French website which allows free upload and sharing of video. It has the different feature of searching by tag, channel name or by user created an id. It is good for all kind of videos from serious issues to comedy one. But has some limitations too for users as a free user have limited benefits.

3. TWITCHthis website is good for gamers as video related to gaming can be uploaded here. Broadcast of games, gaming talk, gaming issues, and the live game can be shared. Its free version comes with advertisement and the paid version is also available.

4. LIVELEAK is a free video sharing website. It allows upload of mainly political, world issues and war videos. Other videos can also be uploaded but if they are by the copyright holder. It is a UK based website. Video sharing on this website is free.

5. VEOH is an internet television service too. The user has to just sign in and then they can upload any video and of any length. Sharing is free of cost on this website. It is best for upload of videos of any format as it supports many formats. So this site can choose to upload video free of the coat and of and of any length. On this website, video can be uploaded once only.

6. BREAKis famous for short videos and clips mainly comedy one. It is a good platform for sharing comedy videos and funny clippings. It accepts videos of various format main are MPG. MOV and many more. It gives the option of sharing video from a website, mobile phone and by sending video through email to Break. It has free and paid service both as paid service have some more feature included in it.

7. METACAFE is good for sharing short videos and clippings. It has the unique feature of category as video can be uploaded according to its category.

The main category is gaming, music, sports, movie, etc. Best feature if this website is that it pays for upload of the video just like YouTube do. After hitting the certain limit of views this website pays for uploaded video.

All these websites are a good option for free sharing of videos as they have a good number of viewers and are popular among people not like YouTube but still, they have the serious traffic of users on site.

There are much more free video sharing sites such as VINE, STUPID VIDEOS, FLICKR, FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM, and a lot more but these sites are either have personalized feature or are not very popular which can let your video without any serious viewers. So these top 7 free video sharing sites are good enough to upload and share your video with the world and to show your talent.